Ideas for Choosing the Right Domain

23 Jul

There are several steps to follow after creating a website. You have to pick a suitable and relevant domain name, and then look for domain hosting Webmasters can sometimes find this a difficult task, because a domain name is the most important part of the site.

Finding affordable web hosting is actually easy. There are several web hosting companies out there who make it more than affordable. The hard part is trying to come up with and find a suitable domain name.

Here are some great tips to choosing a domain name:

Make sure your domain name is the same as your website name

I know this may seem like an odd statement, because you might think a domain name and website name are one in the same; but that would be incorrect. The fact is not every website is named after its domain name. Many webmasters have completely different names for each – this can cause some problems later on down the road, and I will explain a bit more a little later.

For now, one of the biggest issues faced by webmasters with different names is loss of profit, sales or traffic. For example, you have a business named ‘Clio Products’, but you quickly discover the domain name is already taken. So, you decide on a domain name of ‘’ and name the website ‘Clio Products’. The trouble starts when a potential customer hears the name ‘Clio Products’ and wants to take a look – he or she quickly performs a search and is brought directly to your competitor.

This is where other issues can arise later on down the road. In order to get your website ranked or indexed in the search engines, you will need a good dose of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. One of the first rules of SEO is a great URL, or domain name. It helps match keywords within in your text. It would prove very difficult to properly SEO a site with two names.

So, what should you do if your favourite domain name is taken?

The answer to this will depend greatly on how dedicated and obsessed you are with grabbing the name. The web hosting company will usually give you different options to choose from if your favourite is already taken. For example, they might recommend ‘’, ‘’ or without hyphens like, ‘’. Most of the time these are great suggestions and you might just find the perfect one.

Which is better: A long or short domain name?

This question comes with many critics and several different opinions. Some will argue that a long domain won’t help when it comes to branding your site. Others insist a longer domain name is actually easier to remember than a short one. The fact is trying to find short domain names is very difficult, most popular short domains were sold long ago.

In all honesty the best course of action is to choose a domain that contains some keywords to help in SEO efforts. I guess the only real answer is not to short and not too long. However, try to avoid at all costs a domain name with 67 or more characters.

.COM, .ORG, .NET or….?

This can be a bit tricky. It’s not like it used to be that’s for sure! Back in the day having a dot com was a nessecity for exposure – buy the times have certainly changed. Even the wonderful world of adult entertainment will have its very own extension. The truth is we are running out of addresses. Of course a dot com still holds value, but more than likely the domain registrar will recommend you pick up all that you can. So, you’re left wondering what it all means.

If for example your business is a restaurant, having an extension pointing to your location is a great idea. For example, in Canada, so dot ca. Or in the UK, so dot co dot uk. If you classify your business as an organization then by all means grab the org. But if it’s a simple business ecommerce site, you should aim for dot com and at best even the net might work.

Do you want to avoid most if not all of the headache contained in this article? Then choose a domain name first – visit a domain registrar site and play around with recommendation until you score the perfect name. As soon as you buy it, look for affordable web hosting and get started on your venture.



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