How to Choose the Best Webhost for Your Online Business

7 Sep

There are lots of reasons you might be looking for a windows hosting solution. Whether it is for personal use or for you business, you will have to carefully consider what your requirements are. The requirements for personal use, gaming use or business are very different, and you will need a different solution according to your demands. Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a company for you windows webhosting:

Disk space:

Some applications will require much more than others. A simple shop or online website that displays products may only require a very small hosting solution, whereas a video streaming site will require a substantial for itself. Consider the what you have your website and plan accordingly. Although it is possible to upgrade, its always best to have sufficient space in reserve.

Bandwidth limitations:

No matter what your website is, the bandwidth is critical for your your visitors to access the site and interact with your website. Some applications such as chat or message boards take up a substantial portion of your bandwidth. Consider what your needs are, and choose a bandwidth that will suit you best.

Flexibility in provision

As your needs change, so should your network provider. You would hope that your business will grow with new customers, or if you add more services to your website. You need your provider to be flexible and offer you a change in your contract at minimal cost.

Physical Infrastructure

If your data and website is important to you, then you would be wise to invest with a provider that can give you physical security. The best providers have CCTV supervision alongside fire suppression so that your data is not physically harmed and avoids a costly downtime for your web service.

Customer Service

The best data providers will give instant access to a knowledgeable customer service representative. A lot of low budget companies will only give poor information through dealing tickets which can take you days to get to the root of a problem, or to answer a simple query. It may be worth paying out for a provider who gives you an actual human to communicate with since they will deal with inevitable problems much faster than an out of country deal ticket service.


Your budget is important, but ultimately you must consider how a poor webhosting providing will reflect on your service. If having a reliable webhost is not a very high priority and you can afford lengthy downtimes, then you may be wisest going for a budget solution. However, if you are serious about your online presence, then having a systems crash or unexplained downtime can cost thousands in lost business as well as hours of time in dealing with customer complaints. Trimming the cost around the edges may not be the best solution in this case.


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