The advantages and disadvantages of Windows Hosting

19 Sep


When you decide to sign up to a web hosting service there are many factors that you want to take into consideration. There are many different types of hosting that you get, from Linux, Unix, Windows and many others. The most popular is Windows web hosting as it gives you an easy to interface where you can set up your website exactly as you please. There are advantages to different types of operating system, and it is up to you which you select.

Advantages of a Windows hosting operating system:

Windows is the most common and easily available operating system. Most PC users are familiar with Microsoft Front Page and the interface to operate Windows which means that a user does not have to invest their time into learning a new language. Another advantage is that Microsoft are very good at their support for their server software. They continually update and patch their software so that you will needn’t worry about updating yourself.. Windows hosting system tend to be aimed at businesses that have a particular need for Windows Web hosting. Websites that have been developed by ASP.NET will only run on Windows servers, and will not function correctly anywhere else. If you use a website that uses the NET framework then Windows is the only choice to make. Windows also offers an excellent scalable database that is compatible with Microsoft Access, and a good front page design program.

Disadvantages of a Windows hosting system:

Most users states that a Windows hosting system is less stable than its counterparts. You should face some downtime because it is not an entirely stable platform, although it has improved over the years. Generally speaking it requires more rebooting than Unix servers. The performance of a Windows server is below that of the competition because of the programming that goes into it. If your site is processor intensive and requires it to serve content on a rapid basis then another platform may be more suitable. In general Windows based systems require more memory, more processor power and more bandwidth to run. This can translate into greater costs for your business. Also adding to the cost is the cost of the software. Since Windows is licensed by Microsoft, all Microsoft Windows Servers need to license their software. There is very little in the way of user written or free content. This means that your expenses and overheads are typically greater.

Alternatives to Windows Hosting

The next most common operating system is Linux. Although users may not be as familiar with it, Linux is very popular because of its low cost and reliability. Other platforms include Unix and Macintosh, but these tend to be less common because of the cost and lower user base.


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